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Yorko Summer is an internationally renowned underwater photographer. Additionally, he is also a senior/veteran diving instructor. When he’s not diving, he also doubles as a travel journalist, lectures on all things photography, and also judges underwater photography competitions.

Currently, Yorko is the official Marianas Ocean Tourism Ambassador, the official ADEX Ambassador for Photography/Greater China and was the Ocean Tourism Ambassador of Green Island until 2017. He was also MOBBY’S Brand Ambassador from 2017 to 2018.

Starting in 2002, Yorko lived in Palau for 6 years. During this time, he discovered his passion and love for the ocean, which led to his venture into underwater photography. In 2005, Yorko won the first prize of the Palau International Underwater Photography Festival. Yorko shared his love for the simple life and natural beauty in Palau in his book: “Alii Palau! - A Blue Sea Forgotten by the Tides of Time”

In 2014, Yorko was selected by RTHK as one of the top 5 most exceptional ethnic Chinese underwater photographers. RTHK produced a documentary called “Ocean Roamer,” celebrating his career and stories. Yorko was also featured as a “Photographer of the Week” on the world-renowned underwater photography website, Dive Photo Guide (DPG). “Scuba Diver” magazine also selected Yorko as one of the top “122 inspiring underwater photographers you should know”.

Yorko was awarded at the prestigious Golden Bell Awards program for his role in the popular TV series, “Underwater 30 Meters.” He was also invited as a special guest by the most popular scuba diving media platform, “Diverchat,” to share his experiences and stories as a popular underwater photography.

York’os photographs were also featured in Scuba Diver/Ocean Plant magazine’s 2019 Special Edition “Inspirational Images of 25 Ocean Species Under Threat.” Also this year, he was invited to collaborate with Taichung’s Divecube and Taipei Xinyi District's Shin Kong Mitsukoshi on underwater photography exhibitions to share his love and passion for the ocean with everyone.

In recent years, Yorko has been very focused on taking care of the ocean and has made immense efforts to promote the reduction of single-use plastics and ecological conservation. Furthermore, he has collaborated with the Marianas Visitors Authority, Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Philippine Department of Tourism, the Seychelles Tourism Board, Tourism Fiji and others to promote their local diving and tourism market.

He has also collaborated with global brands such as, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, Audemars Piguet, The Macallan, Garmin, Nauticam, Travel Living Channel (TLC).


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